If you make yourself honey the flies will eat you...

So I decided to give away BOTH illustrations.
I mean, there were so many people that participated and I got such a kick out of the nursery rhymes that I really wished I had MORE to give away. Plus, I really love Lucy and Larry and only 4 people picked that one so in the end I just did a separate drawing for it. :)

I had my husband pick the names out of his dapper hat for me so I wouldn't be tempted to peek. heh.

The winner of "The Lovebirds" is Rachel. "Lucy and Larry" go to Sugarcain.

This was great fun for me and I hope I have a chance to do it again after high season at the gallery is over.

Thanks for the nursery rhymes everyone! I've been giggling over them for days. *giggle*


*giggles uncontrollably*




Til next time, loves...


Instead of belatedly celebrating my 100th sale and seeming as though I just never got around to it in time, I decided to celebrate (prematurely) my 110th Etsy sale by giving away some free artwork. I just like it better that way. Don't question, just enter to win the damn prize, ok? heh. Actually, there are TWO prize choices. When you win, you may pick either the adorable "Lovebirds" OR the slightly ambiguous "Lucy and Larry". The choice is yours. To enter, simply go browse around my Etsy store (take your time, darling) and tell me in a comment on this blog post:

A) Which item in my store is your FAVORITE.
B) Whether you would prefer to win "The Lovebirds" or "Lucy and Larry".

For an ADDITIONAL entry, also include:

C) The oddest nursery rhyme you can come up with. I just happen to like nursery rhymes...

I shall randomly draw the winner on Monday, the 27th of April, because that happens to be convenient for me. hee.

Good luck all!

The long delay...

I just wanted to pop in to apologize for not posting for a bit. i have not been feeling well, but will return soon with new artwork, i promise!