Instead of belatedly celebrating my 100th sale and seeming as though I just never got around to it in time, I decided to celebrate (prematurely) my 110th Etsy sale by giving away some free artwork. I just like it better that way. Don't question, just enter to win the damn prize, ok? heh. Actually, there are TWO prize choices. When you win, you may pick either the adorable "Lovebirds" OR the slightly ambiguous "Lucy and Larry". The choice is yours. To enter, simply go browse around my Etsy store (take your time, darling) and tell me in a comment on this blog post:

A) Which item in my store is your FAVORITE.
B) Whether you would prefer to win "The Lovebirds" or "Lucy and Larry".

For an ADDITIONAL entry, also include:

C) The oddest nursery rhyme you can come up with. I just happen to like nursery rhymes...

I shall randomly draw the winner on Monday, the 27th of April, because that happens to be convenient for me. hee.

Good luck all!


  1. I love this one: Some Days Are Just Like That. It's really nice!

    Would love the red bird one. I just love your red birds!
    jannabissett at yahoo dot com

  2. Hmm...the oddest nursery rhyme...
    "Goosey goosey gander where shall I wander,
    Upstairs, downstairs and in my lady's chamber
    There I met an old man who wouldn't say his prayers,
    I took him by the left leg and threw him down the stairs."
    That is weird huh?
    jannabissett at yahoo dot com

  3. Love this idea for a giveaway...can I copy you?
    I am partial to birdies, and "Some days are just like that..' fits so well these days. So of course, I would like the love birds.
    Ooey Gooey was a worm, a noble worm was he
    He sat upon the railroad tracks
    a train he did not see
    ooey gooey
    not a nursery rhyme, just a fave ditty of mine..ha!

  4. Hi there! I checked out your shop- love it all! But my fave was 'A Bird In The Hand'.
    Here is a crazy nursery rhyme I heard when I was a child:
    Little Polly Flinders
    Sat among the cinders
    warming her pretty little toes
    her mother came and caught her
    whipped her poor little daughter
    for spoiling her nice new clothes.

    creepy huh?

    I like "The Lovebirds"

    yay giveaways!

  5. Bird in Hand - and while I looked Loretta caught my eye, she's beautiful too, but the bird in hand idea speaks of contentment to me and kind of looks like me when i was a little girl :D

  6. I think... I most enjoy Rotten Gold! You can't beat a tree swing.

    and as for Lucy/Larry or Lovebirds, I'd say Lovebirds!!

  7. HI,
    I like your birdies a lot. But if I have to pick a favorite it would have to be in your people serie. they are wonderfully cute with just the right edge of weirdness! My fav is:
    I only know french nursery rhymes...sorry!

  8. HI,
    I like your birdies a lot. But if I have to pick a favorite it would have to be in your people serie. they are wonderfully cute with just the right edge of weirdness! My fav is:
    I only know french nursery rhymes...sorry!
    If I win I would like the lovebirds, simply for color reasons!

  9. I'm arriving here via Twitter, like a lemming off a cliff. :-)

    A) Louise is great, but Lucy's Song is tremendous. Lucy's Song is my clear favourite despite the charm of the birds.

    B)The Lovebirds.

    Deadpan Alley was full of little birds,
    high on the wires,
    swooping to catch words.
    The little girl who fed them,
    tore out pages from books,
    she painted and read them,
    and shrugged off strange looks.

  10. Lilacpop- thank you! I love doing the ones that have odd text behind them like the shorthand ones. Gives me a giggle. :)
    My Grandma used to say the Goosey-Goosey Gander one while we brushed our teeth.

    Diane- certainly you may copy my giveaway! it's not like you stole my plan for world domination or something...wait...you didn't, did you? *frowns slightly*

    Rachel- that is one of my FAVORITE nursery rhymes of all. I actually found a store in Florida once that sells baby and toddler clothes CALLED "Polly Flinders". Of course I rushed in all smiles asking for the owner so I could meet someone with a fabulous sense of humor. but the owner wasn't in, it was a chain store or something. i recited the rhyme for the sales staff, but they just gawked at me. no frigging sense of humor. *sigh* such a disappointment. yay indeed!

  11. Your work is lovely! Ruler of the Forest is my fav but really all of your birdies are sweet. Love Birds would be my pick if I was lucky enough to win! :) Thanks for the chance.

  12. So hard...so I'm goingto give you my two favs' - "WATCHING THE SUNRISE" & "SILENCE" - I love teh colors used in Sunrise, but the Korean script on Silence is wuite spectacular.

    ...As for "Lucy/Larry" or "Lovebirds," I have to say that I prefer Lovebirds...as does my wife, which we both know is important!


  13. Heidi Renee-- thank you! you must've been darn cute as a little one! :)

    Emily- "Rotten Gold" is one of my favorites, too. The poem is fabulous. thanks for entering.

    zenzhey - Thank you so much for entering! There is nothing wrong with entering a French nursery rhyme, i might even be able to read a little of it. :) I had a baby-sitter as a child that used to sing me this one:

    Fais do do
    Piti so maman
    Fais do do
    Piti so maman
    Si bebe pas fais do do,
    Charette a mouton a vini mange li
    Charette a mouton a vini mange li
    Charette a mouton a vini mange li
    Si bebe pas fais do do,
    Grand lou lou va mange li

    which ROUGHLY translates to

    Mama's little one
    Mama's little one
    If baby won't sleep-a-bye,
    A wagon of sheep will come to eat him up
    A wagon of sheep will come to eat him up
    A wagon of sheep will come to eat him up
    If baby won't sleep-a-bye, The Big Bad Wolf will devour him.

  14. I believe Elise is my favorite with The Gypsy's Song coming in a close second. If I am lucky enough to win, and that is a long shot because the only thing I have ever won is goldfish, I would like Lucy and Larry!

  15. Glendon Mellow- You are clearly no lemming. You like things that make other people feel "funny". I think you'd be great company on board game night. Move closer.

  16. Gingham Skies-- thank you so much, i admit i love drawing the tiny little crowns...*grabs her crown while noone is looking and puts it on guiltily*

    Insomniadude--Picking 2 favorites can only make me twice as happy! The wife's opinion is certainly important, if you win I'll make sure it's Lovebirds!

    Lois- I really appreciate your input, I was thinking of doing more like Elise, so perhaps now I will. Goldfish may in fact be cooler than one of my drawings, 'cause..you know...it's ALIVE and stuff. Hey, now I want some goldfish. :)

  17. I love these two! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_1&listing_id=22345936%20 & http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_1&listing_id=23726654

    I think this rhyme is strange :)
    The man in the wilderness asked me
    How many strawberries grew in the sea.
    I answered him, as I thought good,
    As many as red herrings grew in the wood.

  18. I'm also here via Twitter! My favourite item in your store is SILENCE (that is Korean in the background). LORETTA is my second favourite, she looks like a little girl I knew as a child... who was called Loretta!

    I would prefer to win The Lovebirds, I like that you have printed it on The Oresteia (...?) could go into a long story about that but I will spare you!

    When I was little I had an enormous old book of nursery rhymes which I would torment my mum with mercilessly, begging her to read to me from it. She hid it in the end! One of strangest rhymes in that book was this:

    A master I have, and I am his man,
    Galloping, dreary dun.
    And he'll get a wife as fast as he can,
    Galloping, dreary dun.
    With a haily, gaily, gambo raily,
    Giggling, niggling, galloping galloway
    Draggletail, dreary dun.

    I remember that beside it, in the book, was this woodblock picture of a boy and a man on horses. I liked it because the words were like the rhythm of a horse galloping.

  19. Wow, I like that last rhyme....so weird and awesome. :)

    A) I like "Beatrix and Her Knees", and "Lucy's Song"...I couldn't decide.

    B) I like the birdies. :)

    C) Here's my rhyme:

    Mares eat oats
    And does eat oats
    And little lambs eat ivy
    A kid'll eat ivy too
    Wouldn't you?

    *But you must say it quickly as my sister and I did when we were kids, and it sounds like gibberish! We loved that!*




  20. How coolio! My favourite is Silence - (it's the background that does it for me). I like the neat edges too, lol.
    I'd adore winning the "Lovebirds" picture
    & my favourite Nursery Rhyme is a variation of a famous theme....
    "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    I always know What you Are
    You're a Coll-ec-tion of Gasses
    Forming Into Solid Masses
    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
    I always know What you Are..."

  21. 1) Beatrix and Her Knees is my favorite.
    2) I'd like Love Birds
    3) A nursery rhyme: Little Molly Murder went to her larder and found only a dead man's brain. She tried to fry it only to liquify it and flush it down the drain.

  22. You already have my rhyme and my painting of choice. My favorite thing in your store are the bird lockets, because it's wearable art, which I love.

  23. My favorite in your shop, of course, is Beatrix and her fabulous, one of a kind, absolutely beautiful knees. I also like Lucy and Larry.

    I had a German granny, so you are in for a treat.

    Naughty Little Suck-a-Thumb

    One day, Mamma said: "Conrad dear.
    I must go out and leave you here.
    But mind now, Conrad, what I say,
    Don't suck your thumb while I'm away.
    The great tall tailor always comes
    To little boys who suck their thumbs,
    And ere they dream what he's about,
    He takes his great sharp scissors out
    And cuts their thumbs clean off--and then,
    You know, they never grow again."

    Mamma had scarcely turned her back,
    The thumb was in, Alack! Alack!
    The door flew open, in he ran,
    The great, long, red-legged scissor-man.
    Oh, children! see! the tailor's come
    And caught out little Suck-a-Thumb.
    Snip! Snap! Snip! the scissors go;
    And Conrad cried out--Oh! Oh! Oh!
    Snip! Snap! Snip! They go so fast
    That both his thumbs are off at last.

    Mamma comes home; there Conrad stands,
    And looks quite sad, and shows his hands.
    "Ah!" said Mamma, "I knew he'd come
    To naughty little Suck-a-Thumb."

  24. Too many to choose between, but I seem to be partial to all the little birdies. So, my pick would have to be the Love Birds.

    And I think most nursery rhymes are weird.

  25. now that was fun. I like La Jeune Fille today, tomorrow, who knows. here's a silly rhyme by Ogden Nash for you: The cow is of the bovine ilk, one end is moo, the other milk.

  26. A) Beatrix and her knees are my favorite
    B) I like "Lovebirds"
    C) A nursery rhyme:
    Little Molly Murder went to her cupboard
    And found the brain of a dead man
    Any meaning was lost
    Why she baked it into a bread pan.

  27. I'll have to make today's responses short as I have to split for work-

    Holly- I love that rhyme, that one i have not heard. *writes furiously* Thank you!

    Helen-- You showed brilliance early in life. :) I love the way you heard the rhyme as galloping hooves. *squeeze*

    Heidi-I have been saying that rhyme like a habit now and my husband has been infected. So, thanks for that...heh.

    Nicola- You are a practical woman, I like that. ;)

    Papermasks- Extra credit for MAKING UP TWO rhymes. I grant an extra entry for you. :D

    Meghan- Aren't those lockets cool? Polarity on Etsy is an awesome seller, everyone should check out her store... http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23818645

    Sugar- That WAS a treat. In fact, every single time I hear from you it is a treat. I adore you from every angle. I'm still not over your last blog post. Everyone, go check out sugarcain's blog and etsy store link in her blog. You'll thank me later. xx

    Strongrrl- Agreed. that is why i love them so. :)

    Sillymilly- Love that, or pretty much any rhyme about cow's ends. heh. Thank you!

  28. I like Listing # 23259882 in your store

    I prefer the "lovebirds" so cute!

    My Favorite Nursery Rhyme:

    There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very, very good. When she was bad she was horrid!
    -Mother Goose

  29. A) La Jeune Fille
    B) "Lucy and Larry".

    There once was a dog and a flatulent hog
    They coughed, belched and farted, and called it a blog
    The blog was a fad
    Which wasn’t so bad
    Now doggie and hoggie are slightly less sad.

  30. a)'some days are just like that' -- because so many of my days are 'just like that'. 'telling secrets' comes in a close 2nd.
    b)'love birds'
    c)my favorite little nursery rhyme*:
    three little ghosties,
    sitting on posties,
    eating buttered toasties,
    smeared with greasies,
    dripping down their kneesies,
    nasty little beasties!

    *the rhyme's not my work, but I can't find who to credit it to (it's not Pippa Goodhart). read it once in the 2nd grade. found it in the school library. had the most horrifically cool illustrations. i've never forgotten it -- and it's been a LONG time since I was in 2nd grade.

  31. Hi, I really love your items on Etsy. One of my favorites was Olivia's Lullaby!
    I am partial to the birdies ;)

  32. A: I love everything, but my favorite is 'Penny' because she strangely reminds me so much of my mom!
    B: The Lovebirds
    C: The DUTCH nursery rhyme
    Slaap kindje slaap
    Daar buiten loopt een schaap
    Een schaap met witte voetjes
    Die drinkt zijn melk zo zoetjes


  33. Hello, hello! This is very fun by the way.
    I love pretty much everything in your shop. I think my favorite is Louise. I also Love with a capitol L Lucy & Larry.
    I was going to make up a nursery rhyme, but have run out of time.
    I have had fun reading all the ones here before me!
    Thank you and happy Monday, Patti

  34. My favorite in your shop is "The Lovebirds"!, so that would be my choice. :)
    Here is a little poem...

    O' Mr. Moon with your magical beams
    like a dainty silver spoon.
    O' Mr. Moon, tell me please.
    Are you really made of cheese?
    by. C.J.E