I guess I finally hit on something with this cute but visually simple collage and ink piece, Amelie. I got tons of hits and a few hearts on it on Etsy, and she was featured in this treasury "Without Rhyme or Reason"
I guess I'll just keep on trying! Today is my last day of my mini-vacation and I worked all the way through. :/ My husband had a 3:30 am wakeup, but I think now that he's off to work I'll try for another hour or so of shuteye...See you later, folks.


  1. She's my favorite! She has sad eyes...

  2. i asked my husband what he thought she was thinking, and he said that he thought she was surprised by the waiter and panicked because she didn't know what to order....heh. that's why i love the guy....

  3. I think she has that 1st day of school look about her, a little bit lost in her new world!

    You are my favourite new found artist, I adore your work! Have you a web site yet? Sarah xx

  4. Thank you so much, Sarah!


    I have my illustrations up on Etsy, if you want to take a peek...