Insomnia and the tiny art...

So I think it is a sort of sickness. I get something into my head that I want to create and it explodes into dozens of spin-off ideas and before you know it...I'm up in the middle of the night using my exact-o knife to cut collage pieces and things and *click-click-click* I'm listing on Etsy and I have scraps of paper strewn about the living room...

I guess at least this time when my husband stumbled out into the living room squinting into the light I didn't have the blowtorch fired up....that man has some serious patience. heh. At any rate, enjoy my evening's sleepless creation, I really have to try to catch another hour or so of sleep, so much to do today! Meet Cordelia.


  1. I invite you to visit my blog. you can find my last works of art at:

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  2. heh. yes, i'm afraid i make jewelry as well. i also paint in acrylic, oil, wax, bind books, just learned to knit and am about to take up screen printing. yes, i work a full time job. i wish sleep was not a necessity... ;D

  3. Just how much sleep DO you get? lol... Not much, I'm guessing. On the contrary, I love my sleep!

  4. Haha! Yes thank goodness for patient men in our lives or my husband would have left me long ago... he cleans around my while I am buried in a pile of yarn and paper scraps. And he never complains! Hope to see your work on Inpiration Flirtation one day! Thanks for folling :)
    ~Christina of Inspiration Flirtation