You can Hope he turns into a Prince...

So we treated yesterday as Valentine's Day. Kris and I went to see Coraline in 3-D, got some sushi, exchanged gifts and yummy chocolate. It was a great day. Kris also gave me a stack of valentines all made out like they were from different people in my school class. :D He's a very inventive gift-giver. It was incredibly sweet of him to spend all that time on making me smile.
He also gave me a hand with decision-making on my new illustrations, and was very patient since I was working on them all day as we drove around town and had lunch. The result is posted here, still going for a free look, hope you enjoy it!


  1. Dont shred!! They will be worth a fortune one day! ;)

  2. I just came across your blog. I like the idea of painting on old book pages. Very cute!

  3. Thanks, Cris! Your work is adorable!