The Custom Giraffe...

Hey. So I know I haven't posted in a bit. Been busy taking over the world and drawing curly hair and cutting out fabric and stuff. But here's an image for Brian who likes wine. I like wine too. So here you go, Brian...if you want it let me know. The paper is about 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 'cause that's what I had in my sketchbook :) 25 buckaroos if you want it...



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  1. Hi Liese,

    This is great blog, My friend Glendon at The Flying Trilobite sent me over to you and I think I'll hang out for a while and enjoy the scenery, but I'll pass on the wine. I have a thing for the Giraffe as well. Check me out if you have time,

    Later days,

    Christopher Zenga

    Later days,
    christopher Zenga