Miss-Construed...........My New Miss-Take.

Out of the 500 billion things I had to do today...this was the one I REALLY enjoyed. I still have roughly 300 billion things to do, but please meet Miss-Construed, my new Miss-Take. She is ink and acrylic on wood, and she's not happy. :)
If you feel inclined, you can see close-ups and such HERE.

I'm not sure where this is going, exactly, but it beats painting cardinals on mailboxes. *sigh*

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, folks!

-Liese Marie, mailbox/house painter in a pinch


  1. Whats the story behind this sad looking lady?

    I would say she was a school mistress and her class were just not listening! :)

    Great work, I love the idea of it being on wood.
    Sarah x

  2. I think she's dressed for court. She's a distressed school mistress who finally lost it and went on a rampage grabbing iPods, cellphones, and blackberrys from the children's hands. She tossed them out a window in her third floor classroom. Unfortunately, one of the cellphones beaned Monsignor O'Reilly on the head; killing him instantly. Today is her probable cause hearing...so she took out her piercings and covered up her tattoos with the dress.

  3. Sorry. Couldn't resist! You tickle my imagination! Hugs!