I guess I'm as forgetful as I am well meaning...

I really MEANT to take a picture of this inkblot before I started working on it in black ink...it's just that I was waiting for it to dry while watching Monty Python's Flying Circus (on VHS, by the way!) and somewhere between Spam and a semi-nude pasty white man in lingerie, I got distracted. Anyway, here's the start, the next 2 blots have been properly scanned beforehand. anyone see where this might be going? I'm not really sure myself...


  1. Looking good, I love how you create!

    (suprise,suprise lol)

    I used to have to watch Monthy Python, as it was my Uncles fav prog when I was young! I can still hear that mad tune in my hesd! lol

    I think my vintage classic now would be Morcambe & Wise.

    Sarah x

  2. Cool! Is she dancing or casting a spell? I didn't get a chance to make any more inkies over the weekend due to yard work. :(

  3. Thanks, Sarah! I haven't seen the one you mentioned, I'll have to look into that...

    I'm not sure WHAT she's doing yet, I haven't gotten back to her with all the things I've agreed to do, including painting a mailbox... D: Gotta pay those bills! heh.