I went crazy again today...

That's how I wound up curating this treasury.
Oh, and being featured in this treasury, this treasury, THIS TREASURY...AND THIIIIS TREAAASURY!!!!!!!!!!

I've become obsessed, I think...this can't be healthy, can it? D:

Hee-hee. Fun with etsy addiction! Anyway, my eyes are bleeding from clicking on so much beautiful etsy merchandise, so I must away...


  1. OMG...that's so awesome...I hope your luck continues!
    Love your little birdies...awesome!

  2. Thank you So much for your awesome comments...very sweet...perhaps I'll raise the price a little...they do take a bit of time.
    Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

  3. Those treasuries were awesome! There are some really, truely talented people on etsy, you included. :)
    Check out my blog, I've awarded you and a few others with the "I Love Your Blog" award. Hurray!

  4. Lovely pieces there on your treasury, looking forward to the next piece of art from Deadpan Alley esq. :) Sarah x

  5. you are just TOO sweet. :D
    actually, i've got a couple of special orders to do, so i usually do something "different" to reward me for getting through the times when art becomes "work". i'm thinking of breaking out the sewing machine this time. we'll see...;)

  6. wow, way to go on the treasuries! I made sure and gave your items some 'clicks'. :)